The three years Graduate Program in Aviation Management is the flagship program . In response to global trends and challenges facing the aviation industry, IIA offers undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree “B.B.A in Aviation Management + ADVANCE DIPLOMA IN AVIATION HOSPITALITY & TRAVEL” program that aims to develop highly qualified professionals in the field of modern aviation management who would understand the challenges and laws of the global and competitive aviation sector, and contribute to the aviation industry development.

As Indian Aviation sector is poised for rapid growth and increasing demand with need for professionals who combine technical skills with managerial acumen to take up leadership roles in this sector. This programme will meets the need for managerial resources for the Aerospace and Aviation sector.

This Aviation management program designed based on a multi-disciplinary competence framework and includes some of the major general and specific areas like strategic management, personnel management, marketing, project management, aviation industry, organizations of aviation sector, air traffic control, operations and management of airlines, planning and management of airports, tourism management, etc.

Our Aviation program aims to develop aviation management professionals who will understand the importance of the aviation industry and will be able to apply modern management concepts, enabling them to act more quickly in a changing global and competitive aviation sector.

The studies will focus on the multi-disciplinary skills, enabling to identify the problems and trends, to make managerial decisions independently, to form groups required for their implementation and to organize the necessary activities.

The teaching methodology is a blend of theory and interactive sessions, field work, projects and presentations.


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Part 1 1.Languages: Kannada / Sanskrit / Urdu / Tamil / Telugu / Malayalam / Additional English / Marathi / Hindi 2. Language: English (Compulsory)
Part 2 Optional 1.Management Process 2.Financial Accounting 3. Mathematics for Management – I 4. Entrepreneurship and Project Management
Part 3 1.Foundation Course*. 2 CC & EC* Personality Development 32 hours Grooming Spoken English Under British Council Aptis 32 hours Global Distribution System (Galileo)
Part 1 Language I: Kannada / Sanskrit / Urdu / Tamil / Telugu/Malayalam / Additional English / Marathi / Hindi Language II : English
Part 2 Optional1.Organizational Behaviour 2. Economics for Executives. 3. Mathematics for Management - II 4.Cost & Management Accounting
Part 3 1. Foundation Course*2. CC & EC* Airline Cabin Crew Management Under AASSC 192hours (Aerospace & Aviation sector Skill Council) Project
Optional 1. Business Communication
2. Production and Material Management
3. Marketing Management
4. Management Information System
5. Income Tax
6. Retail Management
7. Airline and Travel & Tourism Industry: Introduction
Part 3 1. SDC*
2. CC & EC*
Airline Customer Service Under AASSC (Aerospace & Aviation sector Skill Council) 96 hours Airline security Executive (Aerospace & Aviation sector Skill Council) 96 hours Assessments and Examination Project & Presentations
Part 2 Optional 1. Human Resource Management
2. Financial Management
3. Principles of Airlines and Airport Management
4. PC Software (MS Office ) – Theory & Practical
5. Logistic and Air cargo Management
6. Business Law
7. Consumer Behavior
Part 3 1. SDC*
2. CC & EC*
Wine Education Appreciation and Tasting Intermediate Course. (1 Day) First Aid 1 day
Swimming 15 days
Part 2 Optional 1. Marketing Research 2.Airline Finance and Insurance 3. Aviation Law and Aircraft Rules and Regulations 4. Air Traffic Control 5. Air Transportation Safety & Security 6. Mini Project on AirlineOperations: Industrial Visit to Domestic Airport Part 3 SDC Industrial Visit Interview preparation
Part 2 Optional 1. Airport Strategic Planning 2. Airline & Airport Marketing Management 3. Services Marketing 4.Aircraft Maintenance Management 5. Customer Relationship Management 6. Major Project on Airport Management : Industrial visit to International Airport Interview Preparation and Assistance
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